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Functional Chemical Services

Functional Chemical Services

The term “functional chemical services” refers to product development in which the material properties of a product are utilized to expand the product’s range of functionality, such as the product’s onsite workability, without restriction to fields of business to date.

Our development activities include the development of products capable of functioning in a versatile manner across a wide range as a result of collaboration with customers and the technological developments of our engineers.

Technica develops and presents proposals for functional products that respond to customer needs upon request by customers as well.

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No. Product Name Product Characteristics shape Catalog
1 Clean Water Separation improving agent    
2 Clean Water L1 Separation improving agent    
3 Clean Water L2 Separation improving agent    
4 Clean Water P Separation improving agent    
5 TG-SAP Resin with high water absorbability    
6 Dust Shut Dust antiscattering agent  
7 Dust Shut 15 Dust antiscattering agent, cold region specifications    
8 Mud Suberu Transport soil adhesion inhibitor    
9 Mud Suberu L Transport soil adhesion inhibitor    
10 TG Zerop Special antifoaming agent    
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Feel free to contact us regarding product technical materials, product data safety sheets (SDS), standard charts, analytical tables (test tables), and third party agent analyses.