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Sediment treatment

Information on products used for sediment treatment

Solidifying agent

Technica offers amendment materials (solidification materials) that are employed when utilizing sludge, surplus soil, or amended surface soil produced in association with public works as recycling material or for dump truck transport.

Sorting process/Clean water<sup>®</sup>

Clean Water®is a reforming agent exclusively for separation treatment that was created to separate disaster waste and mixed waste into “waste” and “soil and sand”. It is a product that can be proposed.

Water treatment business

Technica offers water treatment materials that function well with various wastewater, such as waste slurry from water supply, construction water, and public works.

Sludge recycling

Recycling is a service that does not discard inorganic sludge generated in association with construction projects, excavation, and jacking work as waste, but rather reuses such sludge as “Uni-Soil,” a high-strength material subjected to intermediate processing.