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Environmental Services

The environmental services practiced by our company involve two soil purification departments established for the following:

・Oil contaminated soil

・Heavy metal contaminated soil

Technica offers chemical related services in relation to three types of soil purification, the two types above as well as:

・Soil contaminated with other harmful substances

Product Introduction

Oil contaminated soil treatment chemicals

Our oil contaminated soil treatment chemicals treats oil contaminated soil caused by oil stink or oil film in a short period of time using a soil stabilizer based on a dispersion reaction and absorption action, causing the oil stink and oil film to no longer occur. The amended oil contaminated soil can be recycled as amended soil, making low cost treatment possible.

Heavy metal contaminated soil treatment chemicals

This chemicals performs purification and insolubilizing treatment on soil contaminated with heavy metals, based on classification and washing.

Technica Goudou offers various classification and washing treatments as well as insolubilizing treatment technologies, making it possible to plan and execute optimum measures on target soils.

Treatment chemicals for soil contaminated with other harmful substances

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